Wedding Videographer Contract

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While bloopers are certainly amusing on an outtake reel, they are less fun when there are no second chances at getting the right angle — like, say, a wedding. With the litany of things that can go wrong during a live filming — and thus, an expectation gap of when the editing will be finished — a contract outlining responsibilities is essential to a happy ending for your partnership.

Enter Wedformz’s Wedding Videographer Contract Template. The customizable template covers every step of your process, from equipment needed (and protection in case the Technology Gods work against you) through video copyright for the finished product.


The Wedding Videographer Contract Template covers:

- Payment options (non-refundable installments)

- Change and cancellation of event date

- Guest behavior - client assumes responsibility for their actions

- Delivery date

- Video copyright and edits

- Footage and model release

- Client footage usability and requirements

- Vendor meal

- Assignment of duties


Say “I do” to this contract!

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