Wedding Planner Contract

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Orchestrating the most important day of a couple’s relationship can be an incredibly rewarding career… until you become responsible for every little thing that goes wrong. (Rain? Cold feet? Zombie apocalypse? Obviously your fault.)

With so many tasks to juggle when planning the perfect ceremony, it is essential to specify your responsibilities — and what is absolutely not your responsibility — with our Wedding Planner Contract Template. Whipping vendors into shape yes; helping a bride to the bathroom, no (have fun, bridesmaids!). Having a contingency plan, of course, planning a wedding at a new venue with 30 minutes notice, no.


The Wedding Planner Contract Template covers:

- Image release

- Inclement weather plan

- Vendor meal

- Harassment/Guest behavior - client assumes responsibility for their actions

- Payment options (non-refundable installments)

- Change and cancellation of event date

- Assignment of duties

- Vendor relations



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