Wedding Officiant Contract

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So you’ve agreed to oversee ceremony joining two people for the rest of their lives. No pressure! As the officiant marrying the happy couple, getting details ironed out in a contract will ensure the ceremony starts the marriage off on the right foot — and avoid the exchange of some less-than-holy words.

Whether you’ve done hundreds of weddings or just got ordained online, the WedFormz Wedding Officiant Contract Template is customizable and will cover all your bases. Need special equipment like microphones, holy books, or a live chicken? (Hey, we can work with all kinds of ceremonies!) Want to clarify who provides the marriage license and vows? Get it all in writing beforehand so when the big day comes, all you have to worry about is your enunciation.


The Wedding Officiant Contact covers:

- Image release

- Client responsibility for vows

- Equipment requirements

- Payment options (non-refundable installments)

- Change and cancellation of event date

- Client responsibility for license



Say “I do” to this contract!

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