About Us


Why is WedFormz like a baby’s butt? Because we are in the business of making your wedding business run smooth.

Our Contract Templates are designed to be easy to purchase, customize, read, and use. We’ve assembled the most necessary contract terms, specific to the wedding industry, and placed them at your fingertips. From non-refundable deposits to cancellation provisions, our Contract Templates do the talking for you, right out of the gate.

When you purchase one of our Contract Templates, you are telling your clients, potential clients, and competitors that you run a tight ship. A ship that is now protected from common legal mishaps and misunderstandings, sailing the sea of business tranquility.


WedFormz is the brainchild of Rob Schenk and Shea and Cheryl Bailey.

Rob Schenk is one of the country’s most prominent “Wedding Lawyers,” a special designation for trial lawyers representing wedding and event industry professionals involved in business disputes and in transnational matters.

Over the years, Rob has drafted hundreds of contracts for wedding and event professionals across the country. With that experience, he started to see certain reoccurring themes and issues when drafting the ‘perfect’ contract for his clients.

Think of Rob as the ‘Chocolate.’ (OK, he’s the very, very White Chocolate).

Shea and Cheryl are the serial entrepreneurs and the brains behind Yellow Umbrella Events (Austin Texas’ premier wedding and event planning company) and Wedding Industry Rescue (wedding business coaching, marketing and SEO). They have years of combined experience in the wedding and event industry, both in coaching wedding professionals and being wedding professionals.

Think of Shea and Cheryl as the ‘Peanut Butter.’

WedFormz Peanut Butter Cup


Basically, Shea and Cheryl hit Rob over the head with a piano.

“Hey, let’s make all that experience accessible to every wedding professional, in every industry, in any state, at any time, at the click of a mouse.”

Hence, WedFormz was born. The chocolate and peanut butter cup that your business craves.